• You will need valid ID card or passport with photo which is left as deposit during rental.
  • 100 eur deposit is required per rent e-scooter.
  • With XIAOMI M365 you are allowed to drive on sidewalks and bike paths. You must not obstruct pedestrians or other participants. You can drive in the pedestrian zone, but only at pedestrian speed.
  • With CITY COCO HARLEY e-scooter you are not allowed to drive in pedestrian zones, but you can drive freely on all bike lanes in Ljubljana and also on the small streets where there is no bike lane.
  • XIAOMI M365 – minimum age is 14 years. From 14-18 years under supervision of adult person.
  • CITY COCO HARLEY – minimum age is 16 years. From 16-18 years under supervision of adult person.
  •  The organiser is not liable for accidents, injuries or personal or material losses, whatever the cause.
  • Each customer is aware of the risks to health and other dangers and circumstances associated with the event and expressly confirms with the registration that they participate in the event at their own risk and responsibility.
  • The customer will not raise any kind of claims against the organiser.
  • In general, each customer is responsible for his actions during start-up and driving of the E-scooter.
  • Do not leave the E-scooter unattended.
  • It is forbidden to ride the E-scooter with more than one rider.
  • In the case of damages arising from theft, the customer is obliged to pay market value of the E-scooter for the organiser.
  • The organiser is not responsible for damages perpetrated by the customer arising from technical breakdown or from lack of diligent use of the E-scooter.
  • The customer is fully responsible for minor offences (irregular usage of the road, other misdemeanors, etc.) committed under the period of the lease agreement. 

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