Things to do in Ljubljana

Ljubljana Castle

is a stunning medieval fortress on Castle Hill above downtown Ljubljana. It consists of Archers tower, defensive walls, prison, castle wine, castle courtyard, a chapel with various halls (including rock hall) and the panoramic tower from where, in good weather, you can enjoy magnificent views across to the Julian Alps with the highest mountain in Slovenia, Triglav (2.864 m).

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Tivoli park

If you want to enjoy art, a green environment, fresh air and relaxing atmosphere at the same time, then you should not miss Tivoli Park – the largest and most beautiful park in Ljubljana. With the Tivoli castle, statues and fountains, outdoor gallery – Jakopic promenade, artificial lake, gardens, natural forest and numerous pathways, a few cafes and ice cream spots, everyone can find their own way to relax a bit away from the city center.

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Roznik hill

Inside Tivoli Park there is a nice 391-metre-high hill named Rožnik which is accessible by several footpaths. Rožnik is a favorite spot for local walkers. At the top of the hill there is the Visitation of Mary Church and a nice inn offering typical Slovenian cuisine. The inn is also known for being the occasional accommodation of the greatest Slovenian writer of all time, Ivan Cankar (1876-1918). In honour of the writer there is the Cankar monument sculpted by Frančišek Smerdu and the Ivan Cankar Memorial room.

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Ljubljana Marshes nature park (Slovene: Ljubljansko Barje)

South of Ljubljana are the Ljubljana Marshes, another place where you can find pure nature with a green and peaceful environment. It is the largest marshland in Slovenia and a very unique place with extraordinary biodiversity. It is home to many moisture-loving plants and animals – numerous species of birds, dragonflies, various colourful butterflies and amphibians. Here you can meet nature, take a deep breath of fresh air and relax… it’s simply beautiful.

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Koseze Pond

Koseze pond is a small artificial lake situated only a few minutes e-scooter’s ride from the centre of Ljubljana. It is a walking and running destination for many locals. Around the lake there are several benches, a lookout pier, outdoor fitness points and playground for kids. The pond is a natural habitat for many animals like dragonflies, frogs, fish, swans and other bird species.

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Fužine Castle – with the Museum of architecture and Design

Fužine Castle is the only Renaissance castle still preserved in Ljubljana. This charming castle is situated right beside the river Ljubljanica on the city outskirts, approximately 20 minutes-e-scooter ride from the centre of Ljubljana. It has a specious castle yard and renaissance halls which are used for social and business events. Inside the castle there is the Museum of Architecture and Design offering excellent exhibitions on architecture, design and photography.

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Špica Park and Botanic garden

Just a few minutes e-ride away from the old town is the Špica park (which means ”point” in English) where the river Ljubljanica splits into two parts. In the past, Špica used to be a beach in Ljubljana. Today it is a nice place to enjoy the sun, have coffee with friends and relax.
Next to the Špica park – on the other side of the river – is the botanic garden, connected by Hladnik’s Footbridge. The botanic garden was established back in 1810 and contains more than 4,500 species and subspecies from Slovenia and other European countries as well as from the rest of the world. In the tropical glasshouse in the botanic garden it is also possible to see plants that can be found in a typical rainforest.

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Metelkova Mesto

While in Ljubljana, you should not miss Metelkova Mesto. Once an army complex with barracks, today it is an attractive, colourful and extraordinary centre for alternative culture. It brings together a variety of artistic practices and events. It is full of street art and unusual painted buildings. It is a meeting point for artists, designers, punks, hippies and students. It is so different that you may not necessarily like it.

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Šmarna Gora

Šmarna Gora is a hill 664 metres above sea level. For locals it is without doubt the most popular hill in Ljubljana and its surroundings. There are many people that go to Šmarna Gora every day of the year. You can take a hike up to the top which takes anything from half an hour to a little over an hour, depending on which path you take and also how fit you are. At the top of the hill there is the Mother of God Baroque church, built in the first half of the 18th century and a nice restaurant offering many typical Slovenian dishes like jota, žganci and gibanica.. Besides good food and fresh air you can also enjoy spectacular views stretching all the way from the Julian Alps in the north of Slovenia to the distant Mount Trdinov Vrh in the south. Another attraction is a famous wishing bell which is believed to fulfil the wishes of all those who ring it.

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Ljubljana ZOO

Ljubljana Zoo is located in the wood on the southern slopes of Rožnik Hill. The zoo has a collection of animals from all the continents, with a focus on animals typical of the Alpine, Pannonian and Mediterranean regions. There are many programs for visitors such as “Meet your favourite animal”, “Photo-safaris”, “Camping”, “Be a zookeeper for a day” and “Night-time tours of the zoo«.

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Mostec Park

Just a few steps away from the zoo is Mostec Park. With its many walking paths, pleasant wooded terrain and modern fitness trail it is one of Ljubljana’s most popular recreation spots. There are several hiking routes to the top of Rožnik. In Mostec Park there is also a guest house offering snacks and drinks.

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With our e-scooters you can of course visit all the attractions in the centre of Ljubljana like Dragon Bridge, Prešeren Square, Triple Bridge, Ljubljana Cathedral, the Franciscan Church, Central Market, museums and galleries, the National Library, Opera House and the National Drama Theatre. All of them are accessible using Electric scooter, most of them (except a few in strictly pedestrianised zones) are also accessible with the Harley e-scooter.

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